Hi there!! When anybody starts to code then the learner come across some difficulties regarding which website to choose for learning because as the world of programming is very vast and it is increasing its boundaries with the time so it becomes difficult to find the best learning platform. There are numerous websites on the internet each with there pros and cons but all claiming that they provide the best content . When I started to code same was with me and I was finding it difficult to get the best platform as I was aiming at practising and also at learning at same time and finally I found the kind of the platform which I was searching after trying lot of the other platforms and in this post we are going to talk about the same platform (freecodecamp).

freecodecamp.org (features)

  • It is the site where you can learn and code side by side. Learning by practising is considered as the best way to learn. The freecodecamp provides you the their default console where you can code after reading and understanding the topic given explained in learning section.In this website the topic explanation is given in the half side of the screen and in the other part of the screen there is the console where you have to practice the content through question or the instruction given in console
  • It has various certification to complete such as…. Responsive Web Design,JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures,Front End Libraries,Data Visualization,APIs and Micro services,Information Security and Quality Assurance,Coding Interview Prep
  • Content present here cover the topics of it in very deep providing you all the necessary stuff for the basic understanding(it provides each course which required 300 hours to get completed)
  • Most of the other sites charge for the certification which they provide after completion of there course but the freecodecamp is other than those websites as it provide the free certification when you complete their course.Only you have to accept there term and conditions.
  • With all these pros there is another one and that is the percentage wise completion of the courses and tag on each problem completion.When you complete any question here then you will complete certain percentage of the topic and website displays quote for that completion.This may not be pros for all but it can prove useful for the some for the new learner.

pros of the freecodecamp

  • It is fantastic with all the content of the certification which it has
  • It cover the all the topics in very deep(300 hours of every certification)
  • It side by side practising on console make it leading in the learning coding as it is the best process
  • It also provide the free certification which most of the other websites don’t.

cons of the freecodecamp

it has various pros but there are also some cons of the websites

  • It lack of the video content which some learner may find easy to learn
  • It lack in the content.For ex- if you want certification in python it is not possible till the website provide the content to its user (for now website is planning to to publish new content soon)
  • It also lack the attractive user interface which according to me is not any big issue but may need of some of new learners.

so this is all about the website which i choose to code and learn i will say that i am quite happy with what i choose. This post is about my views regarding the freecodecamp and other learner may have some other views you can mention your views and the platform which you choose to code in the comment or reply section……Thank you!!